2017 Holiday Beauty Products You'll Love

holiday beauty.jpg

The holidays are almost upon us, and that means lots of parties and events as well as gift giving, so I’ve rounded up some really fun, glam and limited edition items to help you look your best throughout the season.

First up is getting great looking skin as your foundation for your makeup. As we age our skin starts to lose its elasticity, which can make us look tired. To combat this, Silk’n has created the Titan, which is a breakthrough anti-aging device that works from the inside out to activate the body’s natural restoration process and actually tighten and lift the skin using 3 forms of energy: infrared, LED and radiofrequency. It’s the same technology offered by leading dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons but retails for a fraction of the price, at $299 at Shoppers Drug Mart. You use it for 10-15 minutes on each area you’re trying to target. I have been using it for months and love it. 

I love cracking open a new palette, but so often there are so many shades I don't want. Not with this E.L.F. 50 Color Eye and Face Palette, which has a fantastic range of totally on-trend colours for the season and to suit any skin type and personal preference. Plus, you'd think 50 shades would take up waaaaaay too much space, but it's not the case (get it, case?). The eyeshadows are stacked on the face powders so it's a great size to slip in your bathroom vanity drawer. It’s available at Walmart and Walmart.ca for an amazing price -- $20– and makes it your go-to palette for creating day and night looks easily.

Guys want to look and smell good too, but let's be honest -- I think we're all totally sick of over the top scents, especially in small spaces with a lot of people. So if you know a guy who likes a bit of scent, I recommend this new line from AXE called Black. There's a spray and a deodorant and both have a more refined and subtle scent than typical AXE, that combines notes of bergamot, rosemary and cedarwood so guys can make an impression without being OTT.

You want to have great looking nails but you may not have time to get to the salon, or you want to switch them up to go with your outfits, right? These great new holiday colours from Joe Fresh Gel Look Nail Polish are an easy way to amp up your look for holiday parties. They’re only $5 at Loblaws and Real Canadian Superstores, and they give you the shine of a UV gel polish in one simple step at home,  with no lamp. It comes off with regular nail polish remover. 

I'm always on the hunt for a new hair tool so I was excited to try this Meta e Meta (Half & Half) Curl Secret by InfinitiPro by Conair. Want straight hair? Does it. Want waves? Does that too. And in a really innovative way -- when you go for the curl, it basically slurps your hair into the device, curls it and then voila. Done. Amazing. It’s $150 and to find a retailer you can go to conaircanada.com

Finally, lashes! The hottest trend in lashes this year is magnetic lashes, so when one of those little ads popped up in my Instagram feed I bought them. What's the point of magnetic lashes, you might be thinking. Well! They’re a great way to get longer lashes quickly without damaging your own lashes as extensions or false lashes can, they’re quick and easy to apply, and you could even wear them instead of mascara if you don’t want to have to take off your makeup at night. The two lashes snap together because of the mini magnets on them. I bought these ones on amazon.ca.