Back-to-School Beauty

It may only be Week 2 of August, but if you’re a parent, tell me you haven’t already once thought: how many more days until school starts? I also love back to school for the beauty! I think up excuses just to pop into Shoppers Drug Mart or Walmart to see what’s new for fall. Here’s my latest segment, where I showcase some of my favourite back-to-school beauty products, perfect for tweens, teens and not-so-teens-anymore heading off to university or college.


As the weather turns colder, a great way to stay hydrated is to look for hydrating ingredients and one of the best new ways to hydrate is with oils. Your skin has a natural oily layer that’s constantly being stripped away by daily life – shaving, hot showers, cold, dry weather, indoor air and heating – it all takes its toll but by using oils to cleanse and hydrate you replenish lost oils. I also love finding an affordable line that’s easily accessible. Lipidol is a range of oils for daily skincare from the makers of Bio-Oil. It’s a super simple way to cleanse your skin for guys and girls – there’s a face and body cleansing oil, overnight face oil, after shower oil and after-shave oil to calm and sooth irritated skin. The price is great – all the products in the line are only $8.97 at Walmart.


I think makeup should be fun and playful and I’m also all about finding matching items so you know they’re yours – this is great for university students sharing their room with a roommate – Quo came out with this Back to School Collection – it’s limited edition available this month at Shoppers Drug Mart. There’s a Days of the Week Palette, a Taking Notes Palette (which looks like a 3-ring binder and has “pages” of eye shadows, lip glosses, eyeliners, blushes and bronzers, a spot for your cards and your cellphone), the Hall Monitor Clutch (pouch for your phone, plus a wallet), and a set of magnetic brushes with their own stand so you never misplace them, and you can hang them to dry after cleaning them! 

Again, keeping with being super easily accessible, I love when cool lines move from specific stores to Shoppers Drug Mart. Earlier this year Joe Fresh Beauty launched at Shoppers Drug Mart so it’s now easier than ever to find and the prices can’t be beat – I brought a range that are all under $15. The great thing about this line is the stick format – they’re easy because you don’t need brushes – there’s a beauty balm, blush sticks, foundation sticks and highlighter sticks, so they’re easy to throw in your backpack. There’s also great fixes like makeup remover wipes and oil blotting papers. 


As we know hair can be the most time consuming and after a lazy summer students often find it an eye opener to be getting up earlier for school again, sharing a bathroom and not having the same amount of time to get ready, so I’ve brought a range of hair accessories and tools here that are great quality, great prices. These are all Stylize, which is a great line also at Shoppers Drug Mart that has hair accessories but also travel accessories and sunglasses – there’s combs and brushes for styling, detangling, and lots of quick fixes – no snag elastics, bun makers, ponytailers and head wraps. So you can get up and go in the morning or even go from a day of classes to going out with your friends in minutes.


Caroline Bishop