Backyard Party Beauty

Please tell me you’re still soaking up summer! Here are more of my favourite beauty products if you’re heading to a backyard party, or just want to look good in this heat!

I like to keep makeup light when you’re outside, so you can swap your foundation for a great BB Cream COVERGIRL Clean Matte Oil-Control BB Cream is oil-free so it reduces shine all day. It’s lightweight natural looking foundation provides a smooth look that covers pores and blemishes with a matte finish. The powder system fights against shine breakthrough and the combination of pigments and powder cover imperfections and diffuse light $7.99 at drugstores.

I like to keep makeup fairly easy for a summer party, and Quo Glow Blush Sticks are gorgeous new blush sticks from Shoppers Drug Mart. The stick format is fun and it’s so convenient – you can use it to get ready for the party but also throw it in your purse for touchups at the party since you don’t need a blush brush, you just blend it in with your fingers. It has a smooth texture that blends softly and seamlessly into the skin with a delicate powdery finish and it comes in three great shades. You really can’t go wrong – if you apply too much just blend it out or build up coverage as you need it. $15 at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Let’s talk feet – when you’re at a summer party the last thing you want is to leave early because your feet are sore – Dr. Scholl’s For Her Ball of Foot Cushions use massaging gel to provide immediate comfort to the ball of women’s feet. They’re made to fit all shoes, they prevent feet from sliding forward and won’t crowd the toes, they stay all day without moving but are super easy to remove without damaging shoes. Then the Heel Liners prevent shoe rubbing slipping and overall fit better – they fit all types of shoes and are clear so you can’t see them in the back of the heel. $9.99 at drugstores.

You may know Bio Oil for scars and stretch marks but it does a lot more. With one bottle of Bio-Oil you can smooth your legs after shaving so you’re ready in your dress, soften your hands and cuticles, soften dry cracked heels so your feet are sandal-ready, and if you get bug bites at the party you can use Bio Oil to relieve the itch, and you can use it to take off your makeup before bed.  So it’s great to bring with you wherever the party is. $12.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart.

So often at a party you’ll wear our hair up and not style it because you’re worried about heat and frizz, right? But it’s all about using the right styling products. You want to have a hairspray that won’t let you down but it can be hard to choose the right one. John Frieda Moisture Barrier Flexible Hold Hairspray works in two ways– as a heat protectant — you can section hair, spritz it, and then use a flat iron or curling iron or you can use it to set hair — it has a micro-fine mist that provides a brushable hold that’s soft to the touch and defies frizz. It creates a nice brushable hold no matter what your hair type – straight, curly or wavy. $10.99 at drugstores.