Fall Wedding Beauty Trends

I love weddings – especially fall weddings! When it comes to hair, the trend in hair is to go red for a fall wedding. But red is your hardest colour to keep. To keep your natural or coloured red hair, you need a great anti-fade shampoo and conditioner — I love John Frieda Radiant Red Shampoo and Conditioner — it really helps to maintain rich vibrant tones. It has anti-fading technology so it preserves red color and amplifies rich tones to transform all shades of red hair – natural or color treated. The conditioner seals in color and moisture and shine and softness. $5.99 at drugstores.

A French manicure is timeless so it won’t date your photos and it is neutral so it shows off your dress and your ring without distracting, but it can be hard to grow your nails long enough to have a nice looking French manicure. Wearing an acrylic nail is a great solution but ones that you get done at the salon can be really damaging to nails and expensive and time consuming. With KISS Salon Acrylic nude and French manicure you get an at-home professional looking manicure without the damage of applying acrylics to your nail. They’re thinner at the cuticle so they look really natural and come with glue for easy application. It only took me 5 minutes for a gorgeous manicure! $9.97 to $13.97 at Walmart.

First came dry shampoos, now there’s dry conditioners. These are great for extending the life of a blowout or style so it’s great to use to keep your wedding day hair if you’re a guest, straight through the rest of the weekend! Cake Beauty has just launched The Locks Smith dry conditioner — it contains argan oil to add shine and condition hair. Spritz it on ends —  it’s a super light formula so it doesn’t weigh hair down and keeps it looking gorgeous.

Next up is getting flawless skin. Looking good is all about prepping your skin to target the problems, and then applying makeup overtop. IDC is a brand new Canadian skincare company and this is a brand new product called Regen Express Mat that’s available exclusively at beautyboutique.ca. It’s an all-in-one skincare solution that corrects any problems, moisturizes so you can skip your moisturizer and mattifies skin so you’re not oily or shiny in photos. All in a single step. You can use it on your face, eyes, neck to target 16 causes of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, age spots, dark circles, radiance, tone, firmness. It’s basically your entire skincare routine in one bottle – and you can even bring it on your honeymoon (I love the Regen Express Perfection for this, because it includes a light tint and SPF15 built right into it.) $59.99 at beautyboutique.ca

It’s great to have some fun products for the day of the wedding and I love the ELF line for this – the line is exclusive to Walmart and these pens are only $4 each. There’s a makeup remover pen, a lip primer and plumper and tons of other great, affordable items to put in the bathroom at your reception or give your bridesmaids to keep handy throughout the big day. Exclusively at Walmart.

This Givenchy Edition Couture Prisme Libre is basically a wedding gift in itself it’s so gorgeous – I would gift this to a bride! It’s a colour correcting mattifying loose powder to keep her shine-free for photos and all day long. And it’s limited edition so get it now. $66 at counters.

Finally after a night of dancing slip on a pair of Sephora Almond Foot Mask booties to nourish dry feet, soften rough areas and make your feet feel fab. Wear them for 20 minutes and then moisturize in the rest of the product. $8 at Sephora.

Caroline Bishop