Secrets of the Stars

Today I was on CTV Ottawa talking secrets of the stars – those products that celebs use to get gorgeous for the red carpet. Now the first product is actually universal – stress sweat. So there’s a few ways you can sweat and most people think it’s when you’re exercising. But if you’re on the red carpet, in the spotlight, or up on a stage, like celebrities, you’re experiencing stress sweat. And that is something that we can address in our daily life – if you’re meeting someone new, giving a presentation at work. So to combat that you want to look for an antiperspirant/deodorant  in either solid or clear gel that has longer lasting effects. I love Secret Outlast Xtend – this Xtend technology has an active enhancer that adheres to the skin to stop odour before it starts and because the gel dries in seconds it leaves no marks, and it lasts 48 hours.

Next, let’s talk Khloe Kardashian. Her favourite product for years to get her gorgeous glow is Bio-Oil. She applies it at night and lets it do its magic. This is a miracle-worker. Kim K and Kate Middleton loved it when they were pregnant to massage her skin to prevent stretch marks, after she gave birth to get rid of any stretch marks and scarring, and now she uses it on a daily basis to get hydrated, glowing skins. Oils are a huge trend now, from hair to face to body, because they keep skin so hydrated and supple but it all started with Bio-Oil years ago and it’s really a staple for your bathroom. It’s available in three sizes at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Next up is Adele. She’s touring right now so I thought it’s appropriate we talk about her and her signature look – the black wing-tip eyeliner she’s so known for. She does not go on stage or into any interview without that wing-tip look and two of my favourites are The Balm Schwing, which has a felt tip applicator and e.l.f Intense Ink Eyeliner. The Balm is $25.99 and E.L.F is $3.00 and available at Rexall stores, which is a great go-to for beauty products at any price point across the country.

Jennifer Aniston has always been known for her hair – but of course like any celeb she is always colouring and styling it, especially when you’re on any TV show or movie that films daily. She is a huge fan of Viviscal – this is a fantastic supplement you take twice a day for three months to get fuller thicker hair. It has 50% more amino Mar C which is the active ingredient that strengthens hair and now they have a new gorgeous growth densifying topical range that works from the outside to make your hair look gorgeous. It also contains growth stimulating ingredients that fight against hair loss, includinig their proprietary complex ana:tel, which is derived from pea sprouts and grape seeds. It has potent antioxidant properties shields hair against daily stress factors, locks in colour, prevents damage due to heat-styling and overall helps to rebalance the scalp thereby creating the ideal environment for healthy hair growth. This entire line is available exclusively at Rexall.

Celebs often have to change their hair colour in an instant – and blonde colour can quickly go yellow or brassy. Emma Stone is known for being red, but will often go blonde. To keep this colour, she turns to a violet-infused shampoo and conditioner – I love John Frieda Colour Renew Tone-Correcting Shampoo and Conditioner, which neutralizes brassiness to rebalance blonde in just 3 uses by using optical brightening technology with lavender that absorbs UV light and emits a white-blue glow so colour treated blondes can revive their colour and brighten their hair.

Caroline Bishop