Friday Faves

It's Friday and time for my Friday Faves -- where I showcase some of the best products I've tried this week.


Combatting cellulite

Many of us are bugged by our cellulite, and not many creams really alleviate these problems. But I just discovered theSilk’n Silhouette. It’s the latest innovation in the field of cellulite treatment and body contouring, but it’s for at-home use. It uses bi-polar radiofrequency energy, led light energy and infrared heat energy – and it's the only at-home device that uses this combination of technology. It reduces the appearance of cellulite by stimulating collagen production, refines body areas, gives you firmer skin, and improves the texture and elasticity of the skin.  You start with two sessions a week for 10 weeks and then to maintain you use it one every other week. I've used it once, so i've only got 19 more sessions to go and I will report back on the results. 

Silk n’ Silhouette, $289, at Shoppers Drug Mart and London Drugs.



Obviously getting smooth skin is a concern in the summer and I feel like it’s always kind of the last thing you think of – especially because you’re probably heading to cottages on the weekend, so you need to have a great razor on the go and if there's one thing I always forget to pack for the cottage it's soap, so then I'm dry-shaving my leg which is the absolute worst. Schick Intuition is a 2 in 1 razor that shaves and lathers in one step,  so you don't need soap or shave gel, you just add water and start shaving. I love the handle on it and I also love that the soap acts as a protector over the blade in case my toddler finds it - so I don't have to worry he'll cut himself. The new scent is Island Berry and it smells like acai. Mmm. 

Schick Intuition razor in Island Berry, $14.49, at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix.


Not shaving


I know not everyone likes shaving -- or the stubbly feeling it leaves. Nair has totally revolutionized the cream hair removal market and now their new formulation is available for legs, bikini and also face. You smooth on an even thick layer, you don’t rub it in. You wait for 5 minutes, then youwipe it off with a damp wash cloth, then rinse with warm water. It contains antioxidant-rich resveratrol and 100% natural grape seed oil to leave your skin super smooth and silky. If I only had the patience not to shave my legs, I would totally be using this every week, but alas, I'm tackling my underarms with it instead. $8.99 at drugstores.


Blushing pretty

I am pretty sure that if there was one product I couldn't live without right now it's blush. Because it's spring and you want to look like you're healthy but of course it's not that sunny and I'm wearing SPF60+ anyway so I'm as pale as my cloud white walls. Right now I'm loving this Guerlain blush compact that has a gorgeous coral hue and then a highlighter that is totally 35+ friendly, if you get what I'm saying. At Guerlain counters. 


Face masking

I am obsessed with doing sheet masks because I feel like they're easy, I love that you don't have to rinse them off, and you can throw one in my carry on bag if I'm travelling for work and i know instead of having super-dehydrated skin after getting off the plane, I'll look refreshed and glowy instead. I discovered For Beloved One last year but now they've launched For Beloved Girl, specifically aimed at a younger audience (or so I thought) until I was sent this Anti-Aging one, which is basically like screaming my name on the package. If you haven't tried a sheet mask before and you try a For Beloved One you'll basically never go back to any other brand because these ones have an awesome gel-like texture so they stay put, making sure you get the most ingredients into your skin, but also so you don't have to feel like a mummy while wearing them. Want to keep gardening while hydrating? Be my guest. 


Colour Colour Colour

CND's new shades are out. Need I say more? Gorgeous. In both the Vinylux and Creative Play lines. And then there's this Elizabeth Arden lip gloss that I am obsessed with. To be honest, I haven't used a lot of EA in the last little while, so I totally thought this lipgloss was going to be from Sephora or Marc Jacobs or Bite. Oh Lizzy, looks like you're my new best friend. 


Does everything

I'm loving the Delectable line from Cake Beauty and this is their latest release. The Everything Powder which promises 21 uses and so far I've used it to deodorize shoes in our mudroom, soak up a bit of greasy roots, set my makeup and in lieu of deodorant after playing tennis. This is definitely going to be a staple in the car this summer so it's always on hand, wherever we end up. 

Caroline Bishop