Hair woes & fixes

We all have bad hair days—and it’s usually on a day when we have zero time to wash, blowdry and style our hair before getting out the door. Right? So I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite hair products that tackle a specific beauty woe. I’ve tested each of them—many times, and love them, and I think you will too.


Greasy roots

Probably the biggest woe I hear from my busy friends is greasy roots, often caused by not having time to wash your hair daily if you have fine or thin hair. For a long time I would say “I’ve heard this is a good one” because although I would test it out to see if it left a white residue, or felt chalky, I really wasn’t using the product, because I have super thick, dry, damaged hair (from lots of overstyling, yay!) I can go an entire week without washing my hair and my roots still won’t be greasy. But what kind of beauty expert am I if I can’t properly recommend a great product? So I recently let my hair go unwashed for 7 days. Then, each day I tested a different dry shampoo to see what I thought. I loved John Frieda Volume Refresh dry shampoo ($9.72 at Walmart) was amazing because it was not only soaked up the excess oil, it added volume, right at the roots—without any white residue.


Shampoo is stripping your hair

Do you ever get that squeaky clean feeling when you wash your hair – but it’s so squeaky you can’t get a brush through it? So then you have to coat your hair in conditioner so that it’s not a tangled mess? This is because most shampoos strip your hair, so then you are left needing to condition it like crazy to get it soft, which weighs hair down and makes you start the whole washing cycle again the next day. After 15 years of research, Pantene has created a technology that makes it the first shampoo to ever penetrate the hair follicle. What that means is that it goes into the follicle and infuses lipids and nutrients into the hair shaft. So everytime you wash your hair you’re actually doing a good thing. I’ve used an entire bottle of shampoo (I still use the conditioner but only on the ends b/c of my dry hair)—and I’ve seen a huge difference in my stepdaughter’s hair, because hers is super fine and always looks greasy if she doesn’t wash it daily. Now, she can skip a few days and it looks healthier than ever. This new technology is any Pantene shampoos and conditioners ($5.99 at drugstores).


Thinning hair

Recently I read a study that says that 78% of men and women experience thin-looking hair. Our hair is such an important part of making us feel good about ourselves—so I’m always on the hunt for ways to help those I know with thin hair to make it feel fuller. A lot of time thin hair doesn’t mean you’re actually going bald. It can be temporary—caused by hormones, post-baby, menopause or stress. A family member has sworn by Nioxin for years and I really think it works. It’s the #1 choice by stylists for thin looking hair because it strengthens, nourishes and repairs your hair from its foundation. Each kit is three steps: the cleanser, scalp revitalizer and scalp treatment. And there are six kits to choose from and I love that it’s so customizable because of course no two heads are alike. Each kit is $49.98 at salons.


Tangly hair


Tangles are the worst—and can be caused by dryness, split ends, or not using enough conditioner, but if you brush your hair with the wrong brush, especially when it’s wet you can cause breakage, making your hair look even worse. I love Goody brushes because they’re easy, affordable and good for the whole family (so I can stock up in every bathroom in the house so there’s never a reason for one of my kids not to brush their hair – or me to nag!) Goody DeTangle It Combo Kit ($12.47 at Jean Coutu) has flexible bristles which are the key to easily detangling hair. And the large cushion brush makes it a favourite with my kids because it’s easy to grip.


Poofy hair

I know, poofy hair is a very technical term, but you know what I mean. Your hair is just too poofy when you dry it. Likely, it's because you're just aiming your blowdryer at your head -- putting your hair upside down, and just going for it. Want silky, shiny smooth hair? You've got to section it, and these Babyliss Pro clips will do the trick. Love 'em. Available at Beauty Supply Outlets.

Caroline Bishop