I tried it: Garnier Express Retouch Grey Hair Concealer

I’ve got a lot of grey hair. I’m 42, and my mom was already going grey by the time she was 18, so I try to tell myself I’m lucky to only have about 40% grey.

Still, I’m not ready to give up the fight, and my hair grows really fast, so I usually have regrowth by the third week. I’m always on the hunt for quick solutions to hide my grey roots between salon visits. I’m a huge fan of root touch-up products as a quick and easy solution, so when I heard about Garnier’s new Express Retouch, I was excited to try it.



The product comes in five shades – I chose Dark Brown because it was the closest shade to my natural hair colour at the root, and the shade ended up being a perfect match.


The product is super easy to use – and totally foolproof. You shake the small container, unscrew the cap, flatten your hair and use the precise applicator sponge to deposit the colour onto your hair. Then, you wait three minutes for the product to dry to prevent any colour transfer to your hands, then style as usual.

I was so happy with the result: my hair looked like I’d just had my roots done, and it lasted – without transferring to my clothes, pillow or fading over time. I usually only wash my hair every three or four days, and I didn’t need to touch up my roots at all. Another bonus is that the container is really small (think pill-bottle size) so it’s super-convenient to throw in my handbag or makeup bag and take with me – to the gym, overnight travel or away on vacation. I cannot say enough good things about this product: it’s a definite must-have!

Garnier Express Retouch Grey Hair Concealer, $13.99, at drugstores.

This post was sponsored by Garnier, but all opinions are my own.