5 Easy Reading Habits To Start Today

I love reading but often find I can’t fit it into my busy day with a career, social life, and three kids. These five easy reading habits have levelled up my reading game so I can squeeze more reading time out of each day:

  1. Read as soon as I get up. I get up, pour my coffee and read one chapter before I bring in the newspaper, open my email or look at my phone.

  2. Bring my book with me--everywhere. I once read that David Sedaris reads everywhere. Most days I don’t think I’ll have time to read, but I do. Even five minutes while waiting in line at the post office or for a coffee is all it takes to read one more page of my book.

  3. If I’m reading a hardcover that’s too big to carry around or I’ve got too much to lug, I quickly use the Scannable app to scan in a chapter of the book, then it’s on my phone and I can pull it up whenever I have a second. It also means that when I pull out my phone I can read instead of wasting time on social media.

  4. Bring my book with me to my kids’ bedrooms while I’m tucking them into bed. Often I’ll be ready to read to my kids, but they’re still brushing their teeth or wandering around looking for their own book, while I’m staring at the ceiling. Now, while I wait in their bed, I read a page or two of my own book. Then, after reading to them, I try to read a few more while they’re falling asleep.

  5. Leave my phone behind. If I’m waiting to pick up my stepdaughter from swim practice, I leave my phone in the car and bring my book with me inside the school instead. This way, I’ve got no choice but to read the book if I have a chance.