5 ways to find your industry people

Where do you find your people in your industry as you build your career? You know your people when you meet them — they share your career goals, you have common interests, they’re supportive, and you just click. They are the key to long-lasting career success as these people turn into your core network. They’re out there and these five tips will help find them:

  1. Industry events
    If you want to be a wedding blogger, make a list of all the wedding shows in a 100-km radius of your home. How many of them can you make it to?

  2. Meetup groups
    If you want to be a food writer, join groups of writers and foodies. These people can help you with contacts and give you tips and tricks they’ve learned along the way, saving you time and money.

  3. Join a meetup group of people who are nothing like you.
    Be the only freelance writer in a group. That way, you’ll have more chance of getting work in your field, since these people will think of you every time there’s an opportunity for words to be written.

  4. Leave your city
    Go to a conference in a city you’ve always wanted to visit. Being an expert from Toronto when you’re in San Francisco can make you interesting to people who are all from the area.

  5. Ask someone in the industry for coffee
    At that coffee date, ask them to recommend one person who could help you. When you meet that person, ask them to recommend one person… and so on. Eventually you’ll have a community.