Spring beauty products you need in your routine

Spring is finally here! Which is a great time to start thinking about switching up your beauty products for the new season. You don’t necessarily have to change all your products, but it’s a good time to figure out what the labels mean on all your products and get rid of half-empty bottles, add SPF to products, and take stock of products that are working and those that aren’t. My first tip is to empty out any of those half-used bottles so you can reorganize your skincare drawers. I emptied all the bottles into this great stackable container. I labelled each container and now it’s going to be my travel beauty container.

Spring Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Now is also the time to clean your makeup brushes. I’ve tried many different ways of cleaning brushes, but this mat is by far the winner. You put a bit of cleanser on a brush and then swirl it on the mat, and the various grooves in each quadrant cleans all of your brushes. Then, let them dry standing up by placing them in a pretty jar filled with stones or beads.


Now that you have space for new products, let’s talk skincare. With the sun finally out, now’s the time to look for face creams with SPF in them. It’s an easy switch to make so that you make sure you’re protecting your skin every day. And then SPF sticks are great to keep in your purse in case you’re heading out of the office for a lunchtime walk, just to make sure you’re protected.

Protect Your Lips

We don’t often think about protecting our lips but when we do it’s with SPF lip balm, which is great of course. I like this stick lip balm from NIVEA, this lip tint from Babo Botanicals, and this lip balm from Sun Balm.

But what about when you want to wear lip colour? Just look for lipsticks that have SPF right in them! I like Sweet Macchiato and Red Sunrise from Bourjois and Parisian Pink 99 from Sonia Kashuk.

Get That Natural Glow

Everyone looks better with a bit of a glow and my favourite product for getting an instant glow is Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Sunless Tanning Mousse. It’s really easy to apply, and you get an instant hit of colour so you can see where you’ve applied the product, it dries in just 60 seconds, and then you wash your hands to remove any residue, and the sunless tanner works in a few hours to give you a gorgeous tan. Brand new this year is the Ultra Deep Bronze shade.

Detox Your Deodorant

With nicer weather we tend to get outside more, and think about deodorant. Secret has just launched its new Aluminum-Free Deodorant. It’s free of aluminum, parabens and dyes yet has all day odour protection. It’s a great option on days you don’t need strong sweat protection but still want to smell great throughout the day. There are three scents -- I love the Rosewater best.

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