How to look good after the gym

It’s hard enough getting to the gym, but looking good after? The key is to be prepared by having your beauty bag always packed for the gym so you aren’t scrambling for products as you’re heading out the door, or realizing once you’ve already gotten to the gym that you forgot your deodorant.

Combat gym hair

Coil elastics are a must, especially if you just did your hair and don’t want it to get all kinky. I rarely use dry shampoo except if I go to the gym and my scalp sweats. I like Batiste because they have a brown dry shampoo and they smell good. Above all, I hate jostling for a plug, so I keep a cordless straightener in my bag.

Make-up miracles

Finding the ideal makeup bag is key -- I like this one because you can see everything easily, and it has a mirror that you can actually see yourself in. I like wearing waterproof mascara because it means it doesn’t run when I sweat but I hate that it often takes your lashes off when you try to remove it. Avon’s Wash Off Waterproof Mascara is THE BEST.

How about you, do you have any go-to tricks for looking good after the gym?

BeautyChantel Guertin