Beauty products for busy moms

As a stepmom of two and mom of one, I know how little time moms have in the morning to get ready. I’ve got some must-have items that help you save time, and put a little me-time in your busy day.  

In the shower:

If you’re like me, the shower is one of the only places to get some me-time. But since you probably only have five minutes before someone’s banging on the door, a bubble bath is probably the equivalent of a yeti (rare yet majestic!). Instead, I’ve become obsessed with shower melts. It looks like a mini bath bomb, you drop it by your drain and as the water hits it the eucalyptus steam wafts up and fills your shower.  

If you rarely have time to shave your legs, Schick Intuition f.a.b two-way razors shave forward and backward. I can shave my legs in about a minute, without any nicks or scrapes.

Hair care:

  • Every mom out there knows about thinning hair thanks to childbirth. I struggled with it for 2 years after having my son, but one product that helped so much was this Nioxin nightly treatment – it reduces further hair loss and plumps up the hair shaft so your hair appears fuller instantly.

  • For greys, I love using Schwarzkopf Root Retoucher between salon visits, but they just launched a new product called Hair Mascara, that looks exactly like a mascara but you can just touch up a stray grey here or there, which is super convenient as you can keep it in your purse or desk at work for a last-minute touch-up on the go.


  • My latest and greatest lip find is from Wanderbeauty – one end is a lipliner, one end is a lipstick, so you’re never having to scramble trying to find a matching lipliner and lipstick again and they don’t need sharpening.

DIY hack:

  • Next time you have to wash the dishes, apply a hydrating hand cream liberally to your hands first, then slip on a pair of disposable gloves. The heat from the water will help the hand cream penetrate into your hands and leave them super-soft by the time you finish washing the dishes!