Start your side hustle by the end of the week

If you’ve got an idea for a side hustle, but don’t know where to start, you’re not alone. Starting is often the biggest stumbling block.

Here are three quick, easy, steps that will help you get started so your side hustle is up and running by the end of the week.

  1. Pick a business name! Your business can be your name, or it can be something that is more easily searchable, and related to your expertise, service or product.

  2. Make a website. Squarespace, Wordpress, Wix all provide simple cheap (or free) ways to make your own website. These services have taken all the intimidation out of web publishing.

  3. Get business cards. Ask a friend with design skills, hire someone on Fiverr, design one yourself for free on Canva, and if you live in a city you can get them printed in about 48 hours.

If you stay focused on just these three tasks (I promise you’ll have tons of time to revise and redesign as your business grows), you you will have your business launched before analysis paralysis sets in.

CareerChantel Guertin