How to love your existing job

My first job was working at a daily newspaper, proofreading the final pages for mistakes before it went to press. But really, what my co-workers valued me for was getting donuts. That’s right: at seven o’clock I was to take my reporter’s notebook, and walk around the newsroom, taking the reporters’ coffee orders. While I wrote down: “Hank: Double-double, Boston Cream, $5”, my co-worker Samira slipped Hank’s cash in a brown paper bag. When we’d taken everyone’s orders we divided the bills and coins between us. In case we got mugged on the way to the donut shop. This way, we’d only lose half the cash. Dream job, right?

Maybe not, but I knew that this job was putting me in the midst of 40 people that I could make a positive impression on, that i could be the best donut-and-coffee girl there ever was. Plus, I got paid to leave the office for half an hour, the time flew by, I got to work from 4pm until 10 pm leaving my days free to freelance write, meet friends and go to yoga class when it wasn’t busy.

This is when I realized that I loved having flexible work hours, working from home, and having control over the type of work I said yes and no to. That’s a lot of positives out of a pretty crappy job that required no skill whatsoever, right?

Now it’s your turn!

Make a list of all the responsibilities you have at your job. Then, next to each item, give it a score 1-10 -- 10 means you love it, 1 means you hate it.

Next, cross out any jobs you gave a score of 5 or lower. Now, how can you add in more elements you do love? Are you able to take long lunches without hassle? Work from home once a week? What can you do with this found time that could make your job better? If you get Friday afternoons off in the summer, could you come up with a project you want to work on and ask your boss if you can work on it as a trial during those summer Fridays for extra pay?

Could you use your long lunches to network with people in your industry who have jobs you would rather have?

Brainstorm 3 ways you could change your work experience so that you love it a little bit more.

And remember, you can go your own way!