DIY sheet mask hacks

It’s no secret I love a simple sheet mask. A moisturizing mask. An oatmeal face mask. An avocado face mask. Perfection.

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But one of my favourite things are DIY sheet mask hacks to make a sheet mask experience even better.

Here are a few of my faves:

  • Squeeze the excess serum out of the pack and apply it to your neck and hands, then pop on a pair of disposable rubber gloves and leave on for 15 minutes.

  • Squeeze the excess serum into a Ziploc bag, then cut a circular cotton pad in half, and pop them in the bag to soak up the serum. Use these two half-circle pads under your eyes for extra moisture when you’re feeling dehydrated.

  • Warm the sheet mask by holding it under the warm air of a hairdryer for a few minutes, or sit on it! Not only will the mask feel nicer on your skin if it’s warm rather than cold, but if your skin is warm, ingredients penetrate into the skin better. You can also apply a warm facecloth overtop of the sheet mask.

  • Spritz your headband with lavender pillow spray, to give you a calming sensation when you lie down with your sheet mask on.

  • Take the time while your sheet mask is on to touch up your roots--this way your face is protected from the dye by the sheet mask.

What’s your favourite sheet mask hack? Let me know!