Travel beauty tips from a frequent flyer

I travel a lot for my job as a beauty expert on TV, and I’m constantly on the hunt for products that are easy to take in my carry-on bag, or make it easy to keep up my usual beauty routine while I’m away.

Instead of packing all your skincare bottles, empty a week’s worth into one of these stackable containers. I labelled mine so I know what’s inside each: cleanser, serum, snail mucin, day cream, SPF, night cream and sleeping mask.

Perfect when you’re going straight from the airport into a meeting (or camping, if you like to have nice legs when you’re camping!), these Venus Waterless Razors are perfect in a pinch.

How has no one ever thought of a mask stick until now? Olay’s new Face Masks are so easy to use, mess-free, drip-free, and great for your carry-on bag. Perfect for a quick detox post-flight.

The cleansing wipe is a must-have for travel, and now that Neutrogena has created their All in One Makeup Removing Cleansing Wipes, you can bring as few or as many as you need to wipe down the tray table, cleanse your hands post-bathroom break, remove your makeup and refresh your skin when you need it.

Also for removing makeup I keep one of these microfibre towels in my suitcase at all times--just in case I run out of makeup removing wipes or forget my cleanser.

Any flight dehydrates you, so I splurge on my skincare by keeping Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream in my handbag at all times -- it’s great for your face, but I also use it on my hands in a pinch.

My nail esthetician was using one of these cuticle oil pens and I searched everywhere for one until I realized that what she was using was actually this refillable pen. Immediately my mind went into overdrive with all the possible uses for these: fragrance, under eye concealer, blemish cream, lip gloss, and of course cuticle oil.

What’s your go-to travel essential? I’d love to know!

BeautyChantel Guertin