The best skincare fridges

It’s small, cute and when I show you my favourites you are going to want a skincare fridge, too, and stat.

What’s a skincare fridge?

Exactly what it sounds like, it’s a small fridge that you can use to store your skincare products so that they stay active for a longer period of time after opening them. But you can also keep sheet masks, eye masks, your jade roller or guasha in it.

What products should go in a skincare fridge?

Vitamin C serum, retinol, face masks (except clay-based ones), aloe vera, and any products that have that symbol [link to article with symbols] that indicates the product is only good for a certain time period after opening. Water-based products do very well in a fridge.

How a skincare fridge works

Cooling your skincare products helps slow the oxidation process (which happens once you open the product and it’s exposed to air). The chill also inhibits bacteria and fungus from growing inside the container once it has been exposed to your touch.

Why do you need a skincare fridge?

You’re probably thinking, why not just stick your products in your regular fridge, but the temperature in your fridge is likely too cold for your skincare products, and the active ingredients can actually break down and become ineffective.

What are the best skincare fridges?

The Cooluli fridge is a huge skincare fridge fan favourite. It’s pink, adorable, and while it looks tiny, it would hold a lot of product (the equivalent of 6 cans of pop).


The Gourmia GMF668 Thermoelectric Mini Fridge Cooler is the same size as the Cooluli, half the price, and comes with a built-in bluetooth speaker, so you can face mask to music.


The Uber Appliance UB-XL is retro, comes in a variety of colours and has a window in the door, so you can see your fave products. $153.44

The Cooluli Vibe has a dry erase door, so you can leave yourself inspirational #skincareselfie messages. $245.50.

The Chefman Mini Portable Compact Personal Fridge comes in black or white, and has a handy handle on top for carrying. Black, $105.89, White, $77.05

Angel Canada’s Portable Compact Personal Fridge has two shelves in the door and two shelves in the main compartment, so you can fit more beauty products. $149.99.

The RCA Fridge is a bit larger at 1.6 Cubic Feet and comes in purple, red, lime green or orange. $181+.