Looking for something fun to read?

Here's a little about my books.


For Adults:

Stuck in Downward Dog is the story of Mara Brennan, who's having a quarter-life crisis. She's stuck in a rut in her life and turns to yoga in a hilarious attempt to get her unstuck. 

Love Struck tells the tale of Poppy, who discovers her husband, Parker, is cheating on her. But before she can confront him, he's struck by lightning and loses his memory. If he can forget, can she forgive? 


For Teens:

The Pippa Greene series (The Rule of Thirds, Depth of Field, Leading Lines) follows 16-year-old Pippa Greene as she navigates her world in the wake of her father's death. Following in his footsteps, she decides to pursue photography, in the hopes that seeing the world through the lens of her camera gives her clarity in life, friendships and love. Look for the final book in the series, coming to bookstores in Spring 2018.