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About chantel

Chantel Guertin has been working in media for 18 years. She was the first-ever beauty editor at ELLE CANADA, the editorial director at Sweespot.ca, a founding editor at THE KIT, and has contributed to more than 50 publications, including USA Today, Huffington Post, ELLE BRAZIL, National Post, Globe and Mail, Chatelaine, Canadian Living, Fashion, Flare, Maclean’s, Reader’s Digest and more. She is an on-air expert on The Marilyn Denis Show, and gives her best tips on how to look your best, feel your best and do your best to 20 million viewers on morning news programs across Canada every year.

As the founder and coordinator of the Lifestyle Media post-graduate program at Centennial College in Toronto, she helps students turn their dreams into their dream careers.

I’m your mentor

This space is for you! Do you have a dream of doing something you love for a living, but aren’t sure how to actually get started? I wish I could mentor everyone one-on-one! But since that would leave no time for my own busy career plus three kids (not to mention sleep!), here’s where I’ll provide advice to you, if you’re in need of career guidance or inspiration.

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Maybe you shouldn’t have a side hustle

Four in 10 Americans have a side hustle. You know what that side hustle is? Their passion—but they’re too afraid to take the leap of faith to make it the hustle. That’s why Chris Guillebeau’s podcast “Side Hustle School” has 745 episodes to date; 745 examples of individuals with successful side hustles. But if the side hustle is making money, why on earth wouldn’t you make it the hustle? Because in most instances, people are afraid that if they put all their time, all their energy and all their faith into the side hustle, and it fails, they’ll be back at square one—at the day job they never left. So instead, they keep their safe day jobs, they hold their dreams as side gigs and they keep their happiness capped at about 40% of what it could be. When people ask what my job is, I tell them I have three. There is no side hustle. They’re all hustles.

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if you want to do what you love, you’ve got to do it

Despite the odds—and because I never lost sight of my dream to work in-house at a glossy magazine—I landed not one, but several full-time, in-house editorial jobs at glossy magazines and popular websites, including becoming the first-ever beauty editor of ELLE CANADA, the Canadian edition of the world’s largest fashion magazine. Was I a makeup artist? Had I interned at 17 magazines before landing the job? Nope. So what did I do? I told the editor of the magazine that I would do anything she wanted me to do. And when she hired me, that’s exactly what I did.

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When in doubt, fake it

You’ve got to fake that you know what you’re doing, even when you have absolutely no clue. If you want to teach people how to sew because you love sewing and want to share that with the world, but you don’t actually know how to teach and you live in a bachelor apartment, do you give up? Not if you really want to be a sewing instructor. You tell your friends to spread the word, sew a curtain to block off your bed and buy a table and some chairs so your students have somewhere to sit when they get to your teensy tiny apartment with their sewing machines in tow. And then you teach them how to sew.

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